LearnServe Jamaica 2017: Oneesha and Breunna (6/26)

Hello my name is Vonyae and I have volunteered to do the blog for day 2. Yesterday was my first time getting on a plane. I was very excited and anxious.
Also that was a big travel day for us. We had to get on two planes to get to Jamaica, but we did it!

Today was very interesting. We walked up to Euton’s house (the Blue Mountain Program Manager), and we discussed whether we wanted to go to the farm or to the school. Today I chose to attend the school where there were 3-4 year-olds and 5-6 year-olds in one room separated by a board. I was able to experience the ways they learn, as well as different songs and games the sing and play. One familiar song they sang to us was “Yes Jesus Loves for Me.” They also sang us their welcome song and greeting song, and sung the alphabet.

Talking with the younger kids was a little difficult, but they joined in with the 5-6 year olds when playing musical chairs. The kids who stood out the most to me were Oneesha and Breunna. They both were in the 3-4 year old group. Oneesha didn’t talk as much, but she was very outgoing and it looked like she wanted to say things so I began to ask her questions.

“Hey Oneesha how was your walk to school today”? I asked her

“Good, I like walking” she said very eagerly.

Talking with Breunna was a little different. She told me that she didn’t like her walk as much she liked to have rides to school. The walk to the school was very interesting but difficult for me and some of my peers because we aren’t as accustomed or adapted to walking up the rocky dirt paths.

In the end when we left the school and went back to Euton’s home, we rested and he took us to Jah B’s place. Jah B is an coffee farmer, and he has a nice house people can rent out and stay up in the Blue Mountains. When I was at Jah B’s place me and my friend Dasani asked Tiger (a local) a few questions pertaining to the sugar cane that he had. He gave us some of the sugar cane. It was my very first time trying it, and I really enjoyed it. Today was a great day, and I can’t wait to see what Euton and the Blue Mountains have left in store for us!

Vonyae W., E.L. Haynes

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