LearnServe Jamaica 2017: Fourth of July at St. Anthony Mary’s (7/4)

It’s the 4th of July, it’s finally here, but I’m spending it a little differently last 4th of July. I never had in mind that I would be spending 2017 4th of July in Jamaica with a bunch of people I don’t know. I mean, it’s something different, and it’s a new experience. I’m spending the 4th of July with the girls at St. Anthony Mary’s child mission home for teen moms. At first I didn’t really care about it until I walked into their home and their faces lit up with smiles. At that point I knew that I wasn’t here just for me. I helped set up their volleyball net and was able to teach them some of the basic moves. I felt good at this because back in Washington, DC I’m one of the people who helped set up the net at my school, and I help to teach new players volleyball techniques.

From that point I let the girls put their own style into it and it turned out nice. Just being in that moment put a smile on my face because I knew I was helping someone else. While at the mission home today I enjoyed different types of food like “Jerk Chicken” and “Ackee.” You know, things I don’t usually eat at home. It was a wonderful experience. I’m bringing back strength as a person. While here today I learned that I can be of help to people. I can go around and help others without people looking. I will bring back responsibility and learn how to make others feel comfortable, not just myself.

Shadae M., E.L. Haynes

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