• The World is Small

    DC area students and teachers traveling to Zambia, Paraguay, and Jamaica learn to Think Big.
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    Meet Yoni Kalin, founder of Color My World, and 8 other LearnServe alums to see how they are changing the world.
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    Follow the 2014–15 LearnServe Fellows as they launch social ventures designed to transform their communities.
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Change Begins Here. Imagine a new generation of young leaders standing up for—and taking action on—the issues that matter to them most.

We identify high school students with the passion to make a difference and equip them with the knowledge, business tools, and relationships they need to transform their schools and communities—and themselves. LearnServe’s after-school entrepreneurship training and summer international service programs prepare high school students to be social entrepreneurs and global citizens.

Through hands-on experience, students learn to use their unique skills to solve problems in their communities. They don’t need to wait until they graduate college to make a difference: they can start right now.

Since 2003 LearnServe has directly served more than 700 students representing public, charter, and independent schools in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Our students, in turn, have already touched the lives of thousands. We invite you to join us as we work together to reach thousands more.

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Who needs a computer to code?

May 25, 2016 Introducing the 2016 LearnServe Innovation Award Winners How do you teach coding without a computer? Madison Than began with what seems like a very straightforward …

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Spring Thunder Award 2016

March 11, 2016 WioWise Web Design Competition LearnServe is excited to collaborate with WioWise – a dynamic online start-up and LearnServe partner – in inviting high school and…

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A middle school student at DC International School begins working on his venture plan.

6th Graders Launching a Social Venture? No problem.

November 17, 2015 The students in DC International School’s Seeding Social Innovation course have already successfully launched one social venture.  And that was just in two weeks, during…

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