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A landlocked country of six million people, Paraguay is the size of California yet one of the poorest countries in South America.  Paraguay boasts two national languages – Spanish and Guarani – and one of the world’s largest hydroelectric dams, on the eastern border with Brazil.

LearnServe Paraguay participants join young leaders in the capital city, Asunción, and in the small rural town of San Jose de los Arroyos to learn first-hand what life, and social change are like in Paraguay.  In 2016, LearnServe Paraguay participants will:

    • Meet a group of inspiring youth leaders in the barrio of Santa Ana in Asuncion
    • Work on projects in Santa Ana related to health, job skills training, environmental education, and art – all led by youth from the Centro Cultural Comunitario
    • Meet and live with students and families from the Colegio San Alfonso in Carapegua, a small town two hours from Asuncion, an opportunity to learn about rural Paraguayan culture
    • Spend an afternoon with the famous Landfill Orchestra in Asuncion

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LearnServe Paraguay will give you an understanding of how lasting change comes to the neediest communities in Paraguay — through projects developed by those communities themselves.

Note: Spanish (at least one year) is required of all LearnServe Paraguay participants.

2017 Summer Schedule

In 2017 LearnServe teams will travel to Zambia, Paraguay, and Jamaica.  The three-week trips will depart late June; pre-travel training sessions will be held on Saturday and Thursday afternoons throughout the spring semester. In addition students are expected to conduct a service day, as shown below.  There are four post-trip meetings August – October in which participants prepare action plans and share their experiences with their schools and communities.

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Key Dates

Pre-travel Training Dates (tentative – to be confirmed)

Location TBD.  Saturday Sessions are (tentatively) scheduled for 2-5 pm.  Thursday sessions are from 4:30 – 6:30 pm.

  • February 18 (Sat) – LearnServe Abroad Launch, with notary and passport application support
  • March 4 (Sat) – Human Centered Design, Social Entrepreneurship, passport application support
  • March 18 (Sat) – Diversity and Inclusion
  • April 1 (Sat) – Identity and Cross-Cultural Dialogue, Essentials of Leadership
  • April 22 (Sat) – Group Challenge Day
  • May 6 (Sat) – Country Immersion Day
  • May 18 (Thurs) – Global Issues – Local Action
  • May 25 (Thurs) – Global Issues – Local Action continued
  • By Saturday May 27 – Partner Organization Human Centered Design or Action Day
  • June 1 (Thurs) – Country Group Work
  • June 8 (Thurs) – Country Group Work
  • June 15 (Thurs) – Country Group Work
  • June 17 (Sat) – Pre-travel Launch Celebration
  • June 22 (Thurs) – Country Group Work

Tentative travel dates

June 25, 2017 July 11/12, 2017

Post-Travel Follow-up Meetings

  • August 26 (Sat) – Post Travel Reflection, Storytelling Workshop
  • September 9 (Sat) – Presentation Planning and Practice
  • September 16 (Sat) – Presentation Planning and Practice
  • October 14 (Sat) – Graduation!



Cost of Trip: $3,950 (does not include passport, visa fees, or vaccinations)

Listed prices are estimates and subject to change at time of airline ticket purchase.

Financial Aid is available.  Any participant or school unable to cover the full cost of the program should contact Sabine Keinath by email at trips@learn-serve.org.


For more information, contact trips@learn-serve.org.

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