Seeding Social Innovation

“LearnServe showed me not only that I want to make change, but that I have the skills I need to do it.” ~ LearnServe Fellow 2014

How can schools really, meaningfully, engage students on pressing social issues and empower them to take action?

With Seeding Social Innovation, our curricula for middle schools and high schools, LearnServe helps teachers to bring social entrepreneurship and innovation into the school day.

Research shows that students are more engaged in their educations when presented with coursework that challenges them, where they can be actively involved, collaborate with others, and where their work is meaningful to the world outside the classroom. [National Council for Research (2004)]

LearnServe offers a unique approach to cultivating youth leadership through social innovation. Students have the opportunity to design and launch their own “social ventures” – initiatives to make a difference in their school and community. In the process, they explore the connection between global issues and local solutions, while strengthening their creative thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.

WIS Seeding Innovation teamLearnServe’s Seeding Social Innovation curricula can function as a stand-alone course or elective on social entrepreneurship or as an action-oriented component of an existing course. It has already been integrated into courses on social studies, civics, global studies, and academic advisory periods.

The curriculum blends 21st-century leadership and entrepreneurship skills – including global perspectives, critical thinking, teamwork, and creative problem-solving – with social impact. The centerpiece of the LearnServe curriculum is the opportunity for students to not only design, but implement their social action projects.

LearnServe’s Seeding Social Innovation curricula are modeled off the LearnServe Fellows Program and draw on our 10 years of experience in bringing youth to social entrepreneurship. Upon completion of the Seeding Social Innovation course students will have researched a problem, articulated a solution, developed a business plan, pitched the idea through an oral presentation – and launched the project. LearnServe offers partners:

  • Curriculum materials, including facilitator lesson plans and student workbooks
  • Instructor / Facilitator training
  • Ongoing support throughout the course
  • Impact measurement tools to assess student learning

“LearnServe gives resources and tools that some adults don’t even have access to. I know it has truly changed my outlook on the world.” ~ LearnServe Fellow 2011

We seek to partner with schools that have a close mission alignment: a commitment to providing students with a rigorous academic experience, the tools to take leadership roles on social issues, and opportunities for collaborative and creative problem-solving.

To discuss partnership opportunities, pricing and licensing, structure, and logistics in greater detail, please contact:

Scott Rechler
Director and CEO, LearnServe International